DeKalb County TRIAD


Founded: 2013

Areas of expertise: 

Senior Services

Elder Abuse

Crime Prevention

Community Awareness

TRIAD Projects

Every Senior should feel safe no matter where in DeKalb County they live.....


-We strive to increase awareness of crimes against seniors.

-We're putting on programs for seniors that help reduce fear of crime and also educate about preventive measures you can take to protect yourself.

-We emphasize the criminal aspect of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of senior citizens.

- We work to improve communication and understanding between seniors and law enforcement.

- We work to improve communication and understanding of the different roles of elder abuse agencies and other organizations.

- Developing an open and trusting relationship between seniors, law enforcement officers, and community agencies.

DeKalb County
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Vehicle Safety Inspection (FREE)
In the Spring of 2014, 2015, and 2016 - We partnered up with the DeKalb Township and Kishwaukee Automotive Students to give Seniors' vehicles a free 25 point safety inspection.  We had refreshments and information about car repair scams for all Seniors who attended.  It's officially an Annual Event now.

A Visit WIth The Coroner

In January of 2015 we teamed up with DeKalb County Coroner, Dennis Miller.  Mr. Miller gave a presentation to a packed house on what his duties entail and what to expect if the coroner ever visits your home or the home of a loved one.  He received lots of great questions and we will likely repeat this event in the future.

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